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Indeed, Apple’s operating system is one of the most reliable. Yes, malware infects devices with this operating system quite rarely. But this does not mean that iOS devices are fully protected from any threats.

Effectively securing iOS devices is not about protecting against viruses and malware. It is about online privacy and protecting your personal information from cybercriminals and scammers.

What threats do iPhone users face?

  1. Theft passwords

Widespread data leakage scandals, as well as many other cases over the past decade, point to the critical importance of password protection.

For cybercriminals, stolen passwords are big business. After the theft, passwords and email addresses are often put up for sale. Other intruders can buy and use them to log into your accounts.

Statistics show that more than 90% of the entrances to online shopping sites are cyber attacks credential stuffing. After online stores, the most popular targets for hackers are bank sites and airline ticket sales services.

  1. Unprotected Wi-Fi networks

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks can make you vulnerable to cybercriminals who are connected to the same network.

They may try to collect information about your activities on the Internet, steal personal information (for example, credentials to log in to an online bank), or, even worse, gain complete control over your device.

Any information transmitted over an insecure network is at risk of interception, including images and other multimedia files, the contents of unencrypted messages, passwords, financial transactions and much more. Outsiders can also track your Internet habits, for example, to make you the target of targeted advertising. This is a violation of privacy.

  1. Device privacy

Protecting privacy is very important, both online and offline, especially when it comes to your photos.

The notorious kidnapping of celebrity photos from iCloud in 2014 revealed how dangerous it is to leave photos unprotected. They can be in danger if the iPhone is lost or stolen, or when an account is hacked.

Protect your iPhone with Avast Mobile Security for iOS

Avast Mobile Security for iOS allows iPhone users to take advantage of a wide range of features to protect privacy and security.

The application prevents theft of credentials, protects personal information and photos, and also provides a secure and confidential web browsing at any time by encrypting connections to Wi-Fi networks. Let’s look at all this in more detail.

Free protection for iPhone and iPad

It is proved that everyone should have free protection against cyber threats, and therefore launched the free version of the new Mobile Security application for iOS with many protection functions.

Credential Protection is a feature that protects your credentials by preventing the theft of passwords for Internet accounts.

To do this, the largest online repository of stolen credentials is tracked (more than 9 million stolen accounts). In the event of a new data leak, all disclosed information is added to this repository. The “Credential Protection” function (in the free version) allows you to track a single email address, thus protecting all the passwords of your accounts associated with it.

Using your email address, the software constantly checks the database and alerts you if your credentials are found in the repository.

Wi-Fi Security is a threat detection feature using artificial intelligence technologies that automatically checks and analyzes the security of the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently connected. It checks for exploits and vulnerabilities, examples of which are listed below.

Additional security features – Iphone antivirus

For those who want to take additional measures to ensure protection, it is recommended to switch to Avast Mobile Security Pro for iOS. This package includes all the free features, but with more features, as well as a completely new VPN feature.

  • Internet Security. Protects your online privacy with an encrypted VPN connection to your network. Keep all your online activities private so that no one can follow you.
  • Unlimited credential protection. The free version allows you to track one email address, while in the paid there is no limit on the number of addresses.
  • Unlimited photo storage. Ensures the security of any number of photos in an encrypted storage, ensuring that your images are completely safe and accessible only to you.
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