How to clean a Macbook screen?

Laptops from the Apple brand are prestigious and functional devices. This is, of course, good, but how to understand how to use MacBooks, where to start, what, and where to install? Don’t worry, you can easily deal with all this. To help users – this instruction on the initial setup and the nuances of using the “apple” technique, or how to clean macbook screen.

How to Set Up and Use a MacBook Correctly?

There are many items in the Mac system settings sections that you can change at your own discretion or leave the factory settings. For example, how to set up the Internet on MacBooks A1708 for any friend? Go to system settings → “Network” → enter the name of the network → select the connection method → select the network to which the device is connected → enter the password.

Some useful tips on how to use MacBook from the Air series or any other:

  1. Use Spotlight (on the keyboard, hold down Cmd + space) – with it you can quickly find files, search the Web, open programs, and even use a calculator. In the search engine, you just need to kill the desired query.
  2. Use the hotkeys – you can view and change the combinations to the desired settings (Keyboard → Quick Access). For example, to take a screenshot, you need to hold down Cmd + ↑ Shift + 3.
  3. Activate Split View, if you want to split the screen – clamp the green circle at the top of the open program window, choose where to place the application (right / left), determine the second program that will automatically fill the free side of the display.
  4. Don’t forget the Siri Assistant – a colorful voice assistant icon is at the top of the screen. You can click on it and give commands to the MacBook by voice.

The Way of Cleaning MacBook Screens

Cleaning the LCD monitor yourself is a simple but delicate task. Yes, ordinary water can damage both matte and glossy finishes. You can take distilled water or vinegar dissolved in water. Keep in mind that the second method is not suitable for matte screens. To avoid pouring a lot of liquid, it is good to use a spray bottle. And you will definitely need a soft lint-free fabric. This can be a cloth-like the one used to wipe the glasses, or a version of microfiber. It has an antistatic effect.

However, this method can be called ancient. A lot of companies have developed convenient specialized tools that can be used to safely clean monitors. It is recommended to use them. First, it is safer, and secondly, such tools fill the microcracks, improving the optical properties of the display.

The first option is more convenient: take out a napkin, wipe – and you’re done. The maximum should be wiped dry with a lint-free cloth so that new dust does not stick. But gels and sprays have an advantage: they are better sealed and do not dry out, but if the napkins are tightly closed, they will dry, and this is money for the wind.