Identity Guard ID Theft Protection

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Modern technologies bring people lots of perks. They let us stay connected and reach any kind of information easily. What’s more, people can buy and pay for things with just a few clicks. While it sounds very convenient and unbelievably great, we often forget how much personal information is out there now. Cybercriminals may steal use it and for malicious purposes. One should use Identity Guard ID theft protection to take care of one’s SSN, passwords, credit information, etc. Let’s take a closer look at this software and what it does.

A general overview

Identity Guard is one of the programs that offer services of monitoring personal data to prevent its loss. Suspicious activities are spotted at the early stages and reported to a user. The notifications are likely to help you intervene in time and prevent trouble. You’ll also have enough time to get professional help.

This particular company stands out by being empowered with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence. The tools gather data building the corpus of knowledge and add new data from various websites. When it faces a vulnerability, a user gets a notification. It’s very simple and convenient to go from there.

Every user is sure to get a pleasant experience using the services. Much like the top competitors like Identity Force, the company doesn’t bother with many details. It only reaches its user when a potential loss of personal information is detected. Moreover, most notifications won’t become real threats. It’s just a reaction to unusual activities. In case it’s not your doing, there is enough time to deal with the situation.

Identity Guard offers insurance. In case the identity stolen, after all, the company helps to recover it with legal consulting and up to $1 million. Visit the official website to learn more about the insurance payouts. The support team is also able to help with any occurring questions.

The software’s Watchlist is very adjustable and customizable. When a person subscribes to the services, he decides which information the company can access. The more access it has the better protection it delivers. So, choosing from the list, it’s better to check all the available boxes.

Identity Guard service plans

The company offers users to pick from three main plans designed for individual use. However, they have their doubles for families. So, let’s take a quick look at the available options.

  • Value Plan offers to monitor identity, deliver risk management score, and $1 million for recovery;
  • Value Family Plan delivers the same Value Plan does but for families including kids;
  • Total Plan offers to monitor identity and credit information, bring monthly credit score, risk management score, and up to $1 million for recovery;
  • Total Family Plan delivers the same features Total Plan does but for families including kids;
  • Premier Plan is the most luxurious option that offers all the features mentioned above as well as a credit report, social media monitoring, and bank account monitoring;
  • Premier Family Plan offers the same Premier Plan does but for families including kids.

Customer support

Since the office is located in the USA, the team can be reached only at business hours. On Saturdays, they work till 6 pm, and Sundays are off. This is one of the biggest disadvantages since more companies tend to offer 24/7 support.

Aside from that, it’s a decent program with a selection of features for ID protection.