Bitdefender vs. Avast

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Bitdefender vs. Avast

With the ever-increasing threats of cyber-attacks, it is important for personal computer users to defend themselves from people who are trying to steal their sensitive information, data and money. And to do so, one would need to have a genuine and trusted antivirus installed onto their PC and Laptops. However, not everyone can afford to buy and pay for expensive antivirus solutions. But the good news is ? there is free antivirus that works efficiently in safeguarding your data and money. This is line of articles about antivirus compare. In the next upd we will talk about avast vs norton and avast vs scanguard.
Both of this antivirus software have demonstrated great performance and decent detection rate. Let us look into each one of them in more detail.

  1. Bitdefender

Bitdefender has a wide variety of computer security solutions from which the user can select to protect their system. Following are the different solutions that the user can choose from.

  1. Bitdefender Internet Security
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
  3. Bitdefender Family Pack
  4. Bitdefender Total Security.
  1. Internet Security Solution

It provides Internet security for Windows Operation System. The yearly subscription price for this option starts at $59.99 and is suitable to cover up to 3 different windows OS.  

  1. Antivirus Plus Solution

It provides protection against all different types of threats online. The yearly subscription for this option starts at $39.99 and also includes different privacy tools like VPN and safe pay.

  1. Family Pack Solution

It provides protection for all different types of operating systems and serves as a complete home solution. It starts at $99.99 annually and can serve up to 15 devices overall.

  1. Total Security Solution

This option provided by Bitdefender is a next generation solution to protect your devices against cyber threats. The subscription services start at $69.99 and can serve up to 5 Windows operating system devices.

The internet security solution offers a large set of features which includes Advanced Threat Defense, Anti-Phishing, Rescue Mode, Global Protective Network, Data Protection, Movie and Work Modes, and Anti-fraud. It also offers its own Password Management system, VPN service and other privacy features that includes Social Network Protection, Safe Online Banking, and File Shredder.

Thus, if the free version of Bitdefender is not cutting the deal for you, you can choose one of the many options discussed above, based upon your requirements. You can also get a 30-day free trial.

  1. Avast

With Avast Antivirus Solution, the user can get access to a different number of premium tools which includes Password Manager, Secure Browser, Driver Updater, VPN and Cleanup. The user can choose one of the following options based on their requirements.

  1. Avast Free Antivirus

It provides a decent set of features that include secure web browsing, home network scanner, password manager and hardened browser. Avast offers these features for free, whereas for many different providers, they are paid services.

  1. Avast Premier

It protects against webcam spying, and also allows the user to permanently delete sensitive information and files while providing regular updates for the PC. It starts at $63.99 for 1 device for a year.

  1. Avast Internet Security

It provides access to premium features like protection against online shopping and banking, suspicious apps, protection against phishing emails, firewall protection and spams with an added layer for ransomware security. It starts at $47.99 for one year and can serve only a single device.

  1. Avast Ultimate

It offers everything that has been discussed above and also provides access to Avast secure line VPN, and Passwords Premium solution. It starts at $39.99 for one year and can serve only a single device.

Avast has everything that would provide a quality security solution for your devices. From good malware protection, strong firewalls, password manager and secure web browser, the user can get access to it for free. If you want a free antivirus solution, Avast has more to offer than Bitdefender.