How I started to disappear from the Internet

How I started to disappear from the Internet

A rainy Sunday. The radio that evokes again the piracy of Yahoo . By the way, did not I create an account on Yahoo a decade ago ? Maybe it’s time to get rid of it. I never used it, except by uploading some photos on Flickr in 2010. Save images, export information! I normally no longer exist in the Yahoo database! After verification, it turns out that my Tumblr account, bought by Yahoo in May 2013 is now considered a Yahoo account ? My email has therefore not completely disappeared from the servers of the company.

Je lance un thread pour vous raconter une grande tâche de 2016 : mon retrait progressif du web. Mission suppression de com

And if I continued on my way. A fall household in all unused accounts. A place less in the waiters. I start with some obvious sites, which too often remember me by emails. LinkedIn Copains Avant ? I discovered that the sites offer free recipes unsubscribe as or  Often collaborative, they detail for all services the procedure. I did not find, on the other hand, a site that allows me to see all the accounts associated with my email address. I share my evening occupation on social networks. Not surprisingly, the accounts of large American boxes are the easiest to close. Quickly find a link to download its data. In three clicks one is cleared. On other platforms more confidential, it is more artisanal. Mail to send to a contact address. Or worse, paper mail, with a photocopy of ID.

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When I want to leave, there are many guilty messages. I had already experienced this when I deleted my Facebook account in 2013. The faces of my connections will be ?disappointed to see me leave? . A small survey that asks me why I want to delete my account, suggesting other options than the definitive deletion based on my answers. They do not want to let me go as easily as that. There is also the ecological argument.

A colleague recommends to me CleanFox , which will search my mails to identify newsletters and detects their opening rate. Focusing on reducing the ecological footprint, he then offered me to unsubscribe from the newsletters, and to delete the corresponding emails. With one click. Once done, I quickly find the link to unsubscribe from CleanFox. On Twitter, people proudly share the result of their own deletions. I wonder if I turned into Marie Kondo digital.

The storage consultant made a success in bookstores thanks to the Magic of storage . ?Everything would be better,? she explained, ?if we threw away and rid ourselves of all the superfluous. Taking an object, To ask ourselves if it pleases us, if it is not the case to throw it away. Sorting and storing also allows you to put away your soul.