Classified Information on Free Internet Only the Pros Know Exist

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How to Get Free Internet?

Having internet access in today’s’ age is a must have for living. From connecting with friends and families, paying bills, shopping, and entertainment ? the internet is required for almost everything that we do today. However, accessing the internet is not cheap and cost an average of $50 per month. There are many people who cannot afford that price on a monthly basis. So do you access the internet for free? Following are different ways to access the internet for free.

  1. Shared Working Spaces

Shared working or co-working spaces are on the rise and have become a popular way to work remotely, lately. And as more and more people are looking for remote jobs and not regular cubicle working spaces, they are looking for places that allow them to focus better. Most of the shared working spaces offer free internet, however, they do need the user to pay for space. And if you are someone who is working remotely and want to save on the internet bill while accessing office like amenities, shared working spaces is a great way to get free internet access.

  1. Airports

While you might think that the airport is not a place to hang out, however, if you want to get free internet access, you might want to reconsider. Airport services do offer free access to the internet for passengers who are waiting for their flights. Moreover, airports are open 24 hours, which means, interrupted access to the internet.

  1. Coffee Shops

Just like airports do, coffee shops also offer free access to the internet. Though you might want to buy a cup of coffee if you plan to seat there for longer periods of time. Coffee shops are full of people accessing free internet for either their work or web browsing.

  1. Gyms and Restaurants

To draw in a large number of customers, places like gyms and restaurants offers free Wi-Fi services. Going to such places can be a great way to enjoy the internet without paying. There are many restaurants and gyms that you can count on to get free internet access.  

  1. NetZero

One of the oldest internet service providers, NetZero is pioneering the idea of free internet for over two decades now. Their free package provides 10 hours of internet access with no cost and the broadband plan provides 200 MB monthly data for free.

  1. FreedomPop

Just like NetZero, FreedomPop allows offers free internet access with their plans. After the free data is used up, you can opt for their paid plans to get further internet access.

  1. Community Wi-Fi

There are many communities in the United States who are working on building free internet networks with money received as donations. The main goal of such a community is to break the digital divide barrier and provide free internet to everyone.

  1. Telecommute Jobs

If you are employed for a telecommute job, then the employer will have to make arrangement for your internet access. Ask your employer to arrange internet access for your job, if you haven’t already and enjoy free service for work and personal use and let your employer pay the bill.

  1. Local Libraries

Many of the local libraries have computers that are internet accessible. So if you want to access free internet, to go to the nearest public library and get online. Though you may face some interruptions in speed, hey, it is free.

  1. All Free ISP

To check out other free internet options, get onto All Free ISP website and search using the zip code or state name to locate free internet service in your region.